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Reed Deming

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About Reed


Reed Deming is a singer, songwriter, and producer from San Antonio, TX. Deming was thrust into the public eye at the age of 13 by way of the reality competition show The X Factor USA, and secured a Top 24 spot before elimination.


Between 2012-2016 Deming released 3 EP’s as well as a handful of singles, most notably Crash Test Dummy, the first single from his sophomore EP. After a whirlwind of touring in 2016, Deming decided to step away from the teen social media universe to reassess his career, and from this transitory period came a wealth of technical development and life experience.


Deming released his fourth EP “Follow Me To Freedom” in 2018, and sporadically released music throughout 2019. This personally turbulent 3-year period resulted in a further desire to remain totally transparent and intentional in his music.


During the global COVID-19 pandemic, Deming wrote and produced a 9-track project entitled SECOND LIFE, a reflection of his life journey, and the dramatic transformation that took place in his life through the power of Christ. The project is being released now.


“I make this music for myself, ultimately. It’s a public journal, a compilation of notes-to-self. I can listen back to these and re-feel everything I felt when I wrote them, so even though the moment passes, it’s never lost.”



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